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Dreaming of Long Hair? Review of Hair extensions

July 11, 2017 , In: Life Beautified , With: No Comments

As a pageant girl who, unfortunately, was not blessed with thick, luscious hair, hair extensions seemed to be the obvious answer. Let’s be honest, going into the process I had many doubts: Will they hurt? Will I still be able to wash and style my hair normally? What if they fall out in public?! What if my boyfriend grabs my hair too roughly (you know what I mean)?! Will they rip out my hair?… And to add to my doubts, extensions can be insanely expensive. But over the past eight years, I have experimented with many types of extensions and now refuse to go without them. AND, to my surprise, they have never fallen out in public, I have not lost all of my hair, and washing/ styling my hair has never been more fun. Through this post, I will highlight and review the pros and cons I have personally found with a number of different types of hair extensions.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions (Great Lengths)

  1. One of the most popular methods of professional hair extension attachment- oldest and most traditional. This is a strand method where each extension is made up of about 20 strands of hair and has a keratin/ glue based tip. This tip is wrapped around a small chunk of your hair (at the scalp) and melted to form a bond. These bonds grow out with your natural hair.Average cost: $500- $1200 every 3-4 months
  2. Time for application/ removal: Anywhere from 3-10 hours.Damage to hair: very damaging

    Kendall’s Review: A few years ago, Great Length’s hot fusion hair extensions seemed to be all the hype! These individually fused chunks of hair were placed in rows throughout my scalp, and took at least 6 hours to be put in place. The extensions were strong, allowing me to be as rough on my hair as desired, without being concerned about damaging them. Because they were basically glued to my hair, it was rare to ever lose an extension. However, when they were taken out every 3-4 months, my real hair became progressively thinner, as the glue pulled real hair away from my scalp. The cons in my opinion, aside from thinning out my real hair… the small extensions seemed to separate from one another at the bottom of my hair, looking a bit fake. In addition, these extensions cannot be reused. Every 3-4 months, I found myself purchasing hundreds of dollars in hair. My only other issue I found with these was the issue of hair matting. My real hair seemed to wrap around the tiny fusion bonds throughout my scalp, leading to matting and knots at the scalp. With careful brushing and extra care of the scalp, this can be avoided.

    Wearing Great Length’s hot fusion hair extensions

    Pros: These extensions last longer than almost any other type of extensions out there, and can be filled in if needed. This is the oldest and most traditional method of attaching hair extensions and can be applied by majority of hair dresses out there.

    Overall, if you are blessed with thick hair (and don’t mind losing some of that thickness through the extension process) and are looking for length, Great Length’s hot fusion hair extensions might be an option to consider! (Note: Great Length’s now offers tape-in extensions as well). A similar option you may want to consider is the cold fusion hair extensions- a gentle approach to fusion extensions that are applied using a keratin-based polymer, rather than heat.



Halo Couture

“Your HALOCOUTURE® Extensions is custom fit and sits on top of your head like a HALO®.The miracle wire sits about an inch to three inches behind your hairline and the back of the hair extensions slides down just under the occipital bone. The perfect fit will be snug and comfortable and will ensure no movement of the HALO® Extension. After you gently pull your hair out and over to cover your entire HALO® Extension, including the miracle wire, the weight of your hair lying on top of the HALO® Extension, will keep it secure and in place. You will be able to shake your head without your extensions coming off.”

Average cost: About $250.00

Time for application/ removal: 5 minutes daily, hair piece lasts over a year

Damage to hair: Zero

Headshot wearing Halo Couture

Kendall’s Review: This removable hair piece can be installed in minutes and truly transforms the look of your hair! It is fairly easy to put in place and virtually undetectable. In my opinion, wearing this extension piece everyday was a bit of a hassle- but keep in mind I am a nurse and no one cares what you look like in the hospital. But as a pageant girl, my Halo Couture came in handy and transformed my look when it came to weekly occasions. If you are looking for a way to transform your look in a non-damaging way, and you don’t mind spending a few extra minutes applying your Halo, this is definitely the way to go! I prefer a more permanent solution, but cannot say enough good words about Halo Couture.



Hot Heads Tape-in Extensions

“Tape in extensions are the newest hair extension trend on the market. Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds.”

Average cost: $300 for hair, $100/hour for application and removal

Time for application/ removal: 1-3 hours

Damage to hair: Little damage

Hot Heads after being reapplied

Kendall’s Review: I cannot live without these! These extensions, which lay flat on your heads, are gaining popularity like crazy due to the ease and speed of application, low cost, comfort and reusability. I have been getting Hot Head’s tape-in extensions for a year and a half now and am amazing with how healthy and thick my real hair still is. I get my extensions moved up every 6-8 weeks and am able to re-use the same extensions for about 8 months before having to buy new hair. The process is quick and the extensions look incredible. Because the tape lies flat to you head, you are slightly limited with styling your hair on top of your head, but that is about the only down side. I am a HUGE fan of tape-in extensions!

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