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Houston Blog 2

First Houston Rodeo: Made it to the Dirt!

March 28, 2017 , In: Global Voyage , With: No Comments

As you should know by now, spur-of-the-moment random trips due to flight layovers have become a typical thing for me this year. Being that I was flying through Houston on the way home from Cozumel… and being that Zac Brown Band was playing at the Houston rodeo… the trend continued on. After calling up a few Texas-native friends, I had a plan in place to explore Houston, attend the Houston Rodeo, and of course, see my favorite band in the world! I should mention that I have attempted to see Zac Brown Band in concert before- and it did not go so well. In October 2015 I got a group of friends to buy tickets to Voodoo Music Festival and travel to NOLA with me to see Zac Brown Band, only to find out that ZBB wouldn’t be playing due to weather conditions. Bummer. So I was feeling a little nervous going into this ZBB attempt… but boy was I wrong.

Gals hitting the town

Unlike Cozumel, Houston nightlife was an absolute blast! I highly recommend checking out Boots n Shoots, as well as Spire (after hours).

For food, El Tiempo is absolutely the way to go. Best fajitas I think I have ever had, which is saying a lot after spending the past week in Mexico eating fajitas. We ordered two pounds of chicken and beef fajitas for the table… it was the perfect amount and absolutely delicious.

Brunch in Pearlandà you have to check out Another Broken Egg. YUM. I had crab cake benedict with Cajun style hollandaise and the most delicious Peach Bellini… enough said.


Now on to the exciting part: the Rodeo/ the concert. Walking into the rodeo was shocking- it is absolutely massive! There are so many rides, games, an endless supply of food (every type of food you can imagine), thousands of people. But the second my friend mentioned the wine garden, I bolted in that direction (surprise you at all?). The wine garden had the best environment- live music, hundreds of people dancing, laughing, and drinking wine. The hospitality and friendliness of the place was right up my ally- everyone making friends with everyone. The real luck started that day as we were standing in line to get a bottle of wine and we let this tiny little lady cut us (her kids were outside waiting on her). We got to talking and next thing I knew she bought us a bottle of wine- and I mean the most expensive Chardonnay on the menu, simply for letting her cut us. If this is the normal type of hospitality of Houston people, maybe I should think about moving there… We now had two bottles of wine between three people, and about an hour to get it all down. Game time.

So we are dancing, talking, drinking wine, making new friends, etc., when we suddenly see another University of Arkansas graduate in the wine garden- whom I had not seen in probably a year and a half. Next thing we know, his whole group of friends comes over. Turns out, it is the most intertwined group of people I have ever come across…. Like I literally had met all of them randomly this year, or I had mutual friends with them…

From left to right:Houston Blog 2

  • Guy in sunglasses: My friend I was staying with in Houston
  • Blondie in aviators: One of my closest college girlfriends, who now lives in Dallas
  • Blondie in Pink: me, obviously
  • Shorter guy in cowboy hat: My friend we spotted who graduated from UofA
  • Taller guy in cowboy hat: I actually had met this guy in December when I went to a wedding in San Antonio as one of his best friend’s date. He now lives in Houston and became friends with my friend Collin (small world right?)
  • Guy on right: Same story as last guy. Met him at wedding back in January.
  • Other blondie: GF of ‘taller guy in cowboy hat.’ She graduated from OU and was a cheerleader/ good friends with my best friend in Wichita.
  • Brunette: She graduated from UofA also, we went on spring break together my junior year. Now she is hanging out with all of these people.Houston Blog 3

I don’t know if this could possibly get any more intertwined… such a small world. And what are the chances that with 100,000+ people at this rodeo, we would all run into each other. Needless to say, we had an absolute blast! So it’s finally about time for the concert. My two friends and I had gotten tickets for $83.00 each in the club level- which weren’t too shabby at all. However, this group we ran into had access onto the dirt at the concert… like the rodeo dirt… the best seats in the entire house. Before the concert even starts they invite us down to the dirt with them to watch the concert! God is so good! And Zac Brown Band absolutely killed it! I honestly don’t know what could have made the night any better. It was incredible. So my random trip turned into drinking bottles of wine (FO FREE), watching my favorite band in the entire world while sitting (well really dancing) in the best seats in the NRG stadium with a great group of people. Wow. And of course, the night had to be topped off by stuffing our faces with carnival food…

Overall, Houston was a very pleasant surprise. Great people, very fun environment, great food, great music… Couldn’t have been any better. Excited to be heading back in June for a work event!

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